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PLC Controlled Stainless Steel Blister Packing Machine 220V/50Hz Capacity
  • PLC Controlled Stainless Steel Blister Packing Machine 220V/50Hz Capacity

PLC Controlled Stainless Steel Blister Packing Machine 220V/50Hz Capacity

Place of Origin China
Certification CE
Model Number DPP-Series
Product Details
Stainless Steel
Packaging Size:
Packaging Form:
Blister Packing Machine
Control System:
High Light: 

Blister Packing Machine 220V 50Hz


PLC Controlled Blister Packing Machine


Stainless Steel Blister Packing Machine

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Set
Packaging Details
Wooden Case
Delivery Time
In 35 days after receiving the deposit
Payment Terms
30% TT as deposit and 70% before shipping
Supply Ability
25 sets/ month
Product Description

Product Description:

The Blister Packing Machine is a state-of-the-art packaging solution designed for the pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries. This machine is specifically tailored for companies looking for a reliable, efficient, and precise packaging system for their tablet, pill, or capsule products. With its robust design and easy-to-use interface, the Blister Packing Machine offers unparalleled quality and value to your production line.

Constructed with the highest standards in mind, our Blister Packing Machine boasts a variety of features that set it apart from the competition. The packaging thickness range of 0.2-0.6mm allows for flexibility and versatility in packaging design, ensuring that your product is secured and presented in the best possible way. Whether you are packaging pharmaceuticals or consumer goods, the machine's precision-engineered components are designed to handle your products with the utmost care.

At the heart of the machine's capabilities is the customizable packaging size feature, which allows you to tailor the packaging dimensions to fit your specific product needs. This level of customization is invaluable for businesses that require a unique packaging solution to stand out in the market. The machine's ability to adapt to various product sizes ensures that you can package a wide range of products with a single machine, maximizing your investment and production efficiency.

Accuracy is of paramount importance in the packaging industry, and the Blister Packing Machine delivers with a packaging accuracy of ±0.1mm. This precision ensures that each blister pack is consistently produced to the highest standard, maintaining product integrity and consumer trust. The accuracy of this machine not only contributes to the aesthetic appeal of your product but also plays a crucial role in the protection and preservation of the packaged items.

Understanding the need for seamless integration into different production environments, the Blister Packing Machine operates at a voltage of 220V/50Hz, which is the standard for most industrial settings. This compatibility ensures that you can easily incorporate the machine into your existing production line without the need for extensive modifications or additional equipment.

When it comes to the blister packing machine for tablet pill capsule, our machine excels in efficiency and speed, providing a swift and seamless packaging process that keeps up with high-demand production schedules. The intuitive controls and user-friendly interface make it easy for operators to manage the packaging process, reducing downtime and increasing overall productivity.

The competitive medical blister sealing packing machine price is another attribute that makes our Blister Packing Machine an attractive option for businesses of all sizes. We understand that return on investment is critical, and our machine is priced to provide you with the best value for your money. Not only do you get a top-of-the-line machine, but you also benefit from the cost savings that come with increased productivity and reduced waste.

In conclusion, the Blister Packing Machine is an essential tool for any business looking to improve their packaging process. With features like customizable packaging size, exceptional accuracy, and a competitive price point, this machine is sure to enhance your production capabilities. Invest in the Blister Packing Machine today and experience the difference in quality, efficiency, and value for yourself.

PLC Controlled Stainless Steel Blister Packing Machine 220V/50Hz Capacity 0


  • Product Name: Blister Packing Machine
  • Voltage: 220V/50Hz
  • Weight: 1550kg
  • Packaging Size: Customized
  • Packaging Accuracy: ±0.1mm
  • Designed for medical blister sealing with competitive packing machine price
  • Ideal blister packing machine for tablet, pill, and capsule packaging

Technical Parameters:

Name Blister Packing Machine
Weight 1550kg
Packaging Form Blister
Power 4KW
Capacity 35-55pcs/min
Size 4200*750*1680mm
Material Stainless Steel
Packaging Thickness 0.2-0.6mm
Type Automatic
Driving System Servo Motor


The LTPM CHINA DPP-Series electric pharmaceutical blister packing machine represents a pinnacle of innovation in packaging equipment, designed for a myriad of product application occasions and scenarios. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail in China, this machine comes equipped with a CE certification, ensuring compliance with stringent European safety and quality standards. The DPP-Series is the epitome of reliability and efficiency, ideal for businesses looking to streamline their packaging processes with a minimum order quantity of just one set.

When it comes to price, the terms are open for negotiation, ensuring that you get the best deal for your requirements. The thoughtful packaging details include a robust wooden case, guaranteeing the safety of the machine during transportation. Delivery is prompt, with a lead time of 35 days after the deposit is received, facilitating better planning and integration into your production line. The payment terms are customer-friendly, with a 30% TT deposit and the balance due before shipping. With an impressive supply ability of 25 sets per month, LTPM CHINA ensures that they can cater to both small-scale and large-scale production needs.

The DPP-Series is not just any blister packing machine; it's a fully automatic small blister packing machine that boasts a packaging thickness range of 0.2-0.6mm, making it versatile for various product sizes and specifications. Constructed from high-grade stainless steel, this machine promises durability and long-term service, crucial for continuous production environments. Operating on a standard voltage of 220V/50Hz, it is well-suited for a broad range of industrial settings.

At the heart of the DPP-Series is a sophisticated PLC control system that ensures precision and ease of operation, allowing for seamless integration into your existing workflow. The capacity of 35-55pcs/min demonstrates the machine's ability to handle high-volume demands, making it an indispensable asset for pharmaceutical companies in need of efficient packaging solutions. Whether you are packaging tablets, capsules, or other medicinal products, the LTPM CHINA DPP-Series electric pharmaceutical blister packing machine stands out as a top-tier solution for enhancing your packaging capabilities.


Support and Services:

Our Blister Packing Machine comes with comprehensive technical support and services designed to ensure smooth operation and maintain the highest levels of productivity. Our support includes access to a range of services that include but are not limited to the following:

Installation Support: We provide professional installation services to ensure that your Blister Packing Machine is set up correctly and efficiently, optimizing its performance from the start.

User Training: Comprehensive training sessions are available to help your staff understand the operation and maintenance of the machine. This ensures that your team can operate the machine safely and effectively, minimizing downtime and errors.

Maintenance & Repair: Our technical team is available to provide routine maintenance and repair services. Preventive maintenance is recommended to keep your machine running at peak performance, and our experts are on hand to troubleshoot and repair any issues that may arise.

Parts Replacement: We supply a full range of replacement parts for our Blister Packing Machines. Our parts are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and designed specifically for your machine model.

Technical Consultation: Should you encounter any operational challenges or wish to optimize your machine's performance, our knowledgeable technicians are available for consultation. We'll work with you to address any concerns and provide solutions tailored to your needs.

Software Updates: As technology evolves, we provide software updates to keep your machine's software current, ensuring compatibility with new features and improving overall efficiency.

Remote Assistance: With the advancement of technology, many issues can be diagnosed and resolved remotely. Our team can provide remote support to quickly address any operational issues without the need for on-site visits, reducing downtime.

We are committed to delivering exceptional support and services to our customers. Our goal is to ensure that your Blister Packing Machine operates at its best, providing you with reliability and peace of mind.



Q: What is the brand name and model number of the blister packing machine?

A: The brand name of the blister packing machine is LTPM CHINA, and the model number is DPP-Series.

Q: Where is the blister packing machine manufactured?

A: The blister packing machine is manufactured in China.

Q: Does the LTPM CHINA blister packing machine have any certifications?

A: Yes, the LTPM CHINA blister packing machine comes with CE certification.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity for the DPP-Series blister packing machine?

A: The minimum order quantity for the DPP-Series blister packing machine is 1 set.

Q: How is the DPP-Series blister packing machine packaged for delivery?

A: The DPP-Series blister packing machine is packaged in a wooden case for delivery.

Q: What is the lead time for the delivery of the blister packing machine?

A: The delivery time for the blister packing machine is within 35 days after receiving the deposit.

Q: What are the payment terms for purchasing the LTPM CHINA DPP-Series blister packing machine?

A: The payment terms are 30% TT as deposit and the remaining 70% before shipping.

Q: Can you provide the price range for the DPP-Series blister packing machine?

A: The price of the DPP-Series blister packing machine is subject to negotiation.

Q: What is the supply ability of the DPP-Series blister packing machines?

A: The supply ability is 25 sets per month for the DPP-Series blister packing machines.

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