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120bpm Liquid Filling Machine 1.2Kw Juice Bottle Filling Machine
  • 120bpm Liquid Filling Machine 1.2Kw Juice Bottle Filling Machine
  • 120bpm Liquid Filling Machine 1.2Kw Juice Bottle Filling Machine

120bpm Liquid Filling Machine 1.2Kw Juice Bottle Filling Machine

Place of Origin China
Brand Name LTPM China
Certification SGS, CE
Model Number LTSX
Product Details
Food, Beverage, Chemical, APPAREL
Packaging Material:
Driven Type:
5 Years
Filling Accuracy:
380/220V 50Hz
High Light: 

120bpm Liquid Filling Machine


1.2Kw Liquid Filling Machine


1.2Kw juice bottle filling machine

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Export Standard Wooden Case
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Product Description

This machine is a kind of microcomputer (PLC) programmable control, photoelectric sensing, pneumatic execution in one of the high-tech
Operation filling equipment. This machine is specially used for food, such as: white wine, soy sauce, vinegar, seasoning, vegetable oil, sugar
Pulp, mineral water and other edible liquid and pesticide chemical liquids filling. Accurate filling measurement, no bubble,
No drop leak. It can be used for filling 50-1000ml bottles (including different bottles)
Suitable for filling containers of different specifications, filling specifications can be changed within a few minutes, filling cycle is short and raw
High productivity. No need to add spare parts to change the filling specification, only need to make adjustment, users can according to their own
Can choose the number of filling to determine the number of filling head, touch type operation color screen, can show the production status,
Operation procedure, filling method, visual screen, simple operation, convenient maintenance. Each filling head is provided with a card bottle
Port setting to ensure accurate placement of injection material.
The design selects the straight line group into the plate, out of the bottle way, so that the filling function is expanded, containers of various shapes,
Can effectively fill in this equipment, the use of international advanced gas filling valve, to ensure that the filling process without dripping, no
Salivate, powerful PLC software support, can achieve ideal filling operations, man-machine interface, all operations in
Touch type color screen completed.
Filling using fixed flow parameters, control filling time to achieve different measurement of filling, pneumatic valve filling
The precise time can be set to 0. 01 seconds, so that the measurement accuracy can be controlled in the error range of 0. 1%, reducing the unnecessary
To material loss, improve the economic benefits of users. The measurement of each filling head can be adjusted separately to be solid
The current filling measurement is consistent. The machine has set the technical procedure of bottle feeding, no bottle, no filling if the count is not in place, only
When the number of plates recorded by the counting machine is consistent with the set number of bottles filled, filling is started. The amount of filling,
It can be adjusted to the required filling quantity at the beginning and then fine-tuned to get the ideal filling measurement accuracy.
Technical features:
1: Touch-screen operation interface
2: Multi-branch up and down movement filling, effectively prevent foam generation
3: The filling accuracy can reach ±1%
4: filling cylinder by hard chromium treatment and grinding, unique filling valve design, no leakage
5: With no bottle is not canned, bottle accumulation automatic stop function
6: according to the actual situation of the bottle to design different positioning device
7: Equipment cleaning is convenient, no tool folding, can also be online cleaning or high temperature sterilization
8: The main parts are made by well-known manufacturers at home and abroad
9: The equipment shell is made of SUS 304# stainless steel
10: equipped with a glass shield conforming to health and safety standards





Bottle size 2-1000ml plastic &glass bottles
Power supply 220v 50Hz
Power consumed 1.2Kw
RO water consumption 0.4-0.7t/h 0.1-0 4Mpa
Pure water consumption 0.4-0.7t/h 0.1-0.4Mpa
Purified air consumption 20m3/h 0.3-0.4Mpa
Speed control Frequency conversion adjusting speed
Single machine noise ≤70dB
Weight approx 600Kg
Overall dimension 1450×1200×1500(mm) (L×W×H)
Production capacity 120bpm (depend on bottle size)





120bpm Liquid Filling Machine 1.2Kw Juice Bottle Filling Machine 0


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